How To Choose The Right WordPress Hosting? [2019 Updated]

How to Choose The Right Hosting?

Choosing a perfect web hosting is a very difficult job. As there are hundreds of WordPress hosting in the market and you don’t have any idea about web hosting. mostly beginners have this difficulty when they create a WordPress blog.  so to help you out, we have listed the criteria for a perfect WordPress hosting and also mentioned a perfect web hosting.

How to Choose The Right Hosting?

Web hosting is the most crucial part of a WordPress blog for optimum functioning.  The most common mistake that beginners do. They host their blog with some cheap web hosting. it is because best web hosting is a bit expensive for beginners. So without having sufficient knowledge about web hosting, they take wrong decisions.

Why Cheap Hosting Should Be Avoided?

From every professional blogger, you will hear that for the best blog a robust web hosting is needed. It is because the blog is being hosted by web hosting. so web servers should be capable of handling the blog perfectly for providing a better user experience.

The web hosting should be powerful so that when large traffic will visit the blog then it should be able to handle it. otherwise, the blog will go down and visitors will find nothing. This will create a bad user experience and then they will stop visiting your blog.

While on the other hand, if the blog is being hosted on a robust server then, no matter how much traffic will drive to your blog, it will handle them all very easily. so choosing the best web hosting is the smart choice and it will save your lot of time.

Most of the premium web hostings offer world-class services which are very beneficial for bloggers in managing the blog. they offer additional features along with the hosting plan so that you can start your blog with a boost and increase the ranking of the bog.

Things To See In A Perfect Web Hosting

  1. Server Uptime

The most important thing to see in web hosting is the server uptime. It is the percentage of how much the server is online. so if the server is getting down frequently then it is a bad web hosting. the problem is occurring is that the blog will become unavailable, so people will not able to find it. so the server uptime should be around 99.98%.

  1. Page Load Time

The second factor is the speed of the server. Before buying the web hosting, first, check its page load speed. It is the time in which the blog page gets load. So the speed should be in milliseconds. Otherwise, if the server is taking time to load pages then most of the traffic will get a bounce to other websites.

  1. Bandwidth

After the above factors, it is important to check the amount of bandwidth you are getting in the web hosting plan. the bandwidth is the limit of data transfer on your blog, means how much traffic will drive to your blog.

If the bandwidth will be low and blog is getting large traffic then it is a high chance of getting the server crash. So to keep the server safe and blog running the bandwidth limit should be according to the blog needs.

  1. Storage Space

Now in every web hosting, you will be given some storage amount and in that amount, all the blog data will get stored. the blog itself will be on that storage. So if the storage space will be less then after some time the blog will become slow.

The blog will then start functioning slow. So there should be enough storage space for the blog to function properly.

  1. Support

Web hosting should provide good support to all its customers. Whenever you face any problem then the support team should be able to solve it, otherwise, it will become difficult for you to use the services. the support team should be understandable and they should reply to all their customer within a few minutes.

now, you can easily judge a prefect web hosting from hundreds of hostings in the market. but still, it is quite hard to find the right WordPress hosting. it will take much time to shortlist every web hosting on the internet.

So, we have done the work for you. you don’t have to find hundreds of web hosting. you can directly start building your WordPress blog with this amazing WordPress hosting.


Cloudways is one of the cloud-based hostings which is a combination of premium features and cheap price. it is very amazing to see how much features Cloudways provides in their hosting plan.

Cloudways is one of the most reliable web hosting in the market that provided amazing features at an affordable price. Cloudways has its CDN service that increases the global ranking of the blog and it increases the power of traffic stress handling of the server.

Cloudways provides CloudwaysCDN features for free and it is very simple to implement of the blog.  the CDN system allows the blog to run smoothly and also provide data within a matter of seconds.

Cloudways Key Features

  • CloudwaysCDN
  • SSD storage space
  • Free SSL
  • Free site migration
  • Easy WordPress install
  • Free WordPress cache plugin
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • Auto-healing servers

The above-mentioned key features are just a few of them from the list. The list contains more than 50 features that are very beneficial for bloggers. Those features help the blogger to manage the blog more efficiently and get higher results.

Final Words On WordPress Hosting

There are many WordPress hosting in the market, you can go with anyone. We have tried and test Cloudways hosting and found it worth using. That is why we recommend it for hosting a WordPress blog. we have achieved good results with this web hosting and so you can get it too.

However, the choice is still yours, you can find and test other web hosting and check if it is perfect for your blog or not.